A-Pop Idols gathers images from the Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and blog accounts of numerous "Akiba-pop" artists. It also gathers idol videos from Youtube and Ustream.


A-Pop Idols gets any new photos from Twitter, Instagram and Google+ every 15 minutes and adds them to the gallery. It gets images from blogs less often.

You can search by artist and group name, in both English and Japanese.

On /posts at the left the tags from the posts of the last 24 hours are shown, limited to 6 groups and 20 artists with the highest counts. Click on the down arrow to see all the artists/groups that have posted in the last day. When you search, the total counts for the returned posts are listed.

Lightbox view

Click on a thumbnail to view it in lightbox.

Lightbox shortcuts:

  • Left/right arrow - go to previous/next image
  • Space - start/stop slideshow
  • F - toggle full-sized image
  • Esc - close lightbox

Post view

You can view the full image outside of the lightbox by clicking on the Post link. A link to the source of each post is also included.

Example: /posts/4274/


A-Pop Idols checks the official channels of idol groups on Youtube and UStream for new videos every hour.

You can search by group name (en and jp) and within the video titles. You can also filter by date and media source.


A searchable list of all the artists and groups on A-Pop Idols.

More info on each artist will be added in the future.

Dates and times

All dates and times are in Japan Standard Time (JST), which is UTC+09:00.